Hire Magician Dean Odell – Magician and Mind reader

Hire Magician Dean Odell – Magician and Mind reader for your next event. Unique entertainment.  Whether you are looking for a close up entertainer for your Wedding, Corporate Event or something special for a private party, Dean will certainly provide the ultimate in interactive entertainment for your guests – a sure-fire way to make sure that they have an unforgettable experience.

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Private Party Mind Reader

Have Dean, a psychological illusionist, mix and mingle with your guests, performing mind reading for small groups at a time with his   seemingly impossible mental feats which will leave them amazed and wanting more!

Everything Dean does is achieved through an application of skills and principles he has studied. Persuasion techniques, statistics, insight into the way people think and make decisions allow Dean to astonish and amaze.

Hire Dean for either Mix and Mingle mind reading or how about in The Secret Room.

Hire a Table/Close up/After Dinner Mind reader

Seeing Mind reading up close is an amazing experience. Prepare to have your mind blown away as Dean uses his skills and knowledge of psychology and human behaviour to read your mind, influence your thoughts and alter your reality. This all happens up close in front of your eyes.

Watch your guests’ jaws hit the floor when I predict the choices of others, watch them gasp as he duplicates unseen drawings, puts a thought into someone’s mind and many more exciting demonstrations.

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Wedding Mind Reader

The best thing about being a Mind Reading Magician is walking up to a group of people and getting them excited. Walking around a drinks reception see everyone go crazy as Dean tells them which word they’re thinking of,

Dean Odell Magician and Mind reader can break the ice between families and friends and provide unique entertainment for all guests as they experience the magic together. Dean can fill the gaps, at weddings there are often gaps in the day. This can be when photos are being taken, whilst waiting for food or even at the wedding party later on.

If you are hoping to capture good footage or photos for memories Dean can help with this as well, providing your photographer or videographer with lots of opportunities to catch guests laughing and interacting as Dean predicts the choices of others, watch them gasp as Dean duplicates unseen drawings, puts thoughts into someone’s mind and many more exciting demonstrations.

Stand Up/Parlour Mind Reading Show


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Dean will work closely with you to discuss your entertainment needs and allow him to make your function/event one to remember. Contact Dean today for your next event!

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